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The sun is setting on an unseasonably cold early spring day in Port Perry, Ontario, and Emily VanCamp is starting to worry. The actress has been home for a couple of weeks, visiting family and generally taking a break from the regular jet-setting life of a Hollywood starlet.

“LA is great,” she says, “but I’ve been missing home a lot more lately.” She had a play date scheduled with her nephew, and now she’s looking out the window at the snow (or is it rain? No one really knows), and thinking about the drive over there, and the time, and maybe she’ll have to call and cancel before it gets too dark.

You can take the sensible Canadian girl out of Canada, but you can’t take the sensible Canadian thinking out of the girl.

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Marvel Studios is increasing their girlpower on the big screen, and behind the scenes they’re looking for some talented science-loving youngsters as well.

Marvel’s partnering with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange for a program where girls 15-18, and in grades 10-12, can submit projects they feel can change the world with a short video that demonstrates their idea and explains its far-reaching potential.

In conjunction with the release of Captain America: Civil War May 6, “Girls Reforming the Future Challenge” is geared toward female applicants who are interested in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) projects and share the same goals as the Avengers on screen: “the commitment to safeguard humanity, protect the earth at all costs and make the world a better place for future generations,” says Civil War star Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlet Witch and hosts an exclusive introduction video with Emily VanCamp.

Five finalists will be picked to travel to California to present their projects to a panel of experts, and they’ll also receive an invitation to hit the red carpet at the Civil War world premiere at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre April 12, a tour of Walt Disney Studios and a $500 saving account from Synchrony Bank.

In addition, one girl will be selected for the grand prize: an internship at Marvel Studios.

“I’m really excited to meet these exceptional young women who have STEM backgrounds and who maybe also want to be part of more of a creative- and science-based world,” Olsen says. “And Marvel’s a perfect place for that.”

Entries will be accepted through March 26. For applications and more information about the program, visit CaptainAmericaChallenge.com.


By Holly Apr 29, 2015 'Revenge' Alerts Articles & Interviews

The ABC promo about the impending show finale was accurate. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Revenge has been canceled by ABC after four seasons.

The cancellation does not come as a surprise. Revenge has struggled in the ratings for the past two seasons, hovering around a 1.0 for most of this spring.

The show’s executive producer Sunil Nayar told EW, “Now that everybody has seen the finale—which is fabulous—everybody understands that as much as we all adore the show, it has hit exactly the mark it needed to to end. This is the series finale of Revenge that will be airing in a couple weeks.”



Jay Baruchel, a Canadian actor who garnered attention in the How to Train Your Dragon series, This Is the End and She’s Out of My League, is trying his hand at directing with the adaption of the popular graphic novel Random Acts of Violence.

Baruchel has done everything else connected with the silver screen, so the decision to direct seem s a logical next step. He has cast his friend Emily VanCamp and David Krumholtz in the film. Baruchel told Wenn “We finally have our financing and we have our leads. If we can get everything together at the right time, it will be finally something I’ll get to direct. So hopefully we’ll be making this crazy, weird horror movie in Northern Ontario this year.” Baruchel will also be starring in the film.

The graphic novel is about comic book writers who discover an eerie correspondence between the world they are creating through their drawings and real life.

By Holly Dec 02, 2014 'Revenge' Articles & Interviews
By Ali Dec 15, 2011 Articles & Interviews

ABC.com has named the Top 11 Breakout Stars of 2011 and Emily has made the list! She is featured along with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy and others.

7.Emily VanCamp

“Revenge” might be a dish best served cold, but the star of this ABC drama is on this year’s hot list. Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne, a vengeful vigilante out to seek retribution on the people who caused the destruction of her family and the death of her father. VanCamp, 25, previously starred on “Brothers and Sisters” and “Everwood.”

“She popped up in this incredible show ‘Revenge,’ and it’s been really a breakout hit of the year,” said Garcia.

By Ali Dec 08, 2011 'Revenge' Articles & Interviews

TV Line interviewed Emily and she talks about the fall finale episode that aired last night.

Revenge, as fans of ABC’s frothy new drama can attest, is a sweet indulgence, and a heaping new bit will be served this Wednesday at 10/9c in the fall finale. Will the fake “Amanda” get under Emily’s skin by wooing Jack? Have we not come close to seeing Tyler at his worst? Shouldn’t Daniel be popping the question soon? And who was that dead on the beach in the pilot?

Series lead Emily VanCamp visited TVLine’s Times Square office to field those burning questions and others — including which Everwood resident she’d like to see visit the Hamptons.

TVLINE | Prior to Revenge, you were a member of two memorable TV ensembles, on Brothers & Sisters and Everwood. Did you feel anxiety as the “axis” around which a new show revolves?
Oh, absolutely. I tried to mask it as much as possible, because you want to be there for the rest of the cast and show confidence. [Laughs] It was definitely intimidating, but at a certain point you just have to let it all go, do the best job that you can and hopefully people will watch — and they did. And for that, I’m so grateful every day. I’ve had a lot of “pinch me” moments.

TVLINE | The audience did show up — do you think that’s because we were longing for a frothy sudser in the tradition of Dynasty?
I think so, yeah. People are craving that kind of show right now, and ABC put their faith in [Revenge creator] Mike Kelley, who is absolutely brilliant and has such a great plan for this show. It was a risk for ABC, I think. A lot of people are betting on remakes and reboots… no one really thought much about our show, so it was a pleasant surprise that people tuned in.

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