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By Tori Apr 28, 2016 Gallery Update Magazine Alert

It’s been nearly 2 years(!) since Emily’s last photoshoot so it’s wonderful to see her celebrating Captain America: Civil War by posing for Canada’s very own Sharp Magazine!

We don’t have many details about the issue nor when it’ll be coming out but we do have 4 HQ photoshoot photos from the magazine now in the gallery:

By Holly Apr 11, 2015 Gallery Update Magazine Alert Magazines

I have added scans of Emily from Women’s Health Australia to the image gallery. Remember, we don’t always update the main site with gallery additions so make sure you check regularly! Thanks to evancamp.net for the scans!

Gallery Link:
Magazine Scans > Scans from 2015 > Women’s Health Australia – May

By Jennifer Mar 17, 2014 Magazine Alert

Emily VanCamp is featured on the cover and inside the April 2014 issue of “InStyle Australia” magazine!

Emily VanCamp - InStyle Australia
By Jennifer Mar 06, 2014 Magazine Alert

Emily VanCamp is featured on the cover and inside the April 2014 issue of “Elle Canada” magazine!

Emily VanCamp - Elle Canada
By Jennifer Aug 22, 2013 Magazine Alert

Emily VanCamp is featured on the cover of the September 2013 issue of “Nylon” magazine! The issue will be out next week!

emily vancamp - nylon

She’s gearing up for the season premiere of ABC’s “Revenge” and during promotions, Emily VanCamp scored the cover spot on NYLON magazine’s September 2013 issue.

While rocking a few poses in designer duds from Heather Bell and Topshop for the Jason Nocito-shot spread, the 27-year-old actress dished about her successful series and reveals her constant struggles with the pesky paparazzi.

On “Revenge”:
“They could’ve hired someone with a bigger name and banked on that. They took a chance on me, and it’s brought on a whole new collection of opportunities.”

On being chased by the shutterbugs :
“It should be illegal for people to stalk you with the cameras. It’s really invasive. How do you enjoy a moment? I see how people spiral out of control.”

On her “girl next door” reputation:
“I wouldn’t have labeled myself that way. I just think I had the look to play those characters. I was a good kid, but I definitely had my moms of rebellion.”

By Jennifer Oct 23, 2012 Magazine Alert Videos

Emily VanCamp is featured inside the November 2012 issue of “GQ” magazine in the US!

Check out a behind the scenes video from her photo shoot below!

By Jennifer Sep 28, 2012 Interviews Magazine Alert

Emily VanCamp and her “Revenge” co-stars Ashley Madekwe and Christa B. Allen are featured in the new issue of “Vanity Fair” magazine. Check out the small article below and the beautiful photoshoot image in our photo gallery.

Emily VanCamp Fan

Revenge, a surprise hit for ABC created by Mike Kelley, has just the right mix of campy comedy and sudsy melodrama, not to mention a narrative excitement that keeps you perched on the edge of your couch cushion. It doesn’t hurt that the whole thing looks gorgeous, from its lovingly detailed Hamptons settings (shot mainly in Manhattan Beach, California) to its gleaming cast. The show, returning for its second season this month, stars Emily VanCamp as a scheming young woman whose real name is Amanda Clarke but who has chosen to go by Emily Thorne, lest her fiendish designs become known to the Hamptonites whom she hopes to dispatch to their doom for having successfully conspired to frame her dear old dad when she was but a little girl, way back in the 90s. Possessing a certain blank affect that lends a soupçon of menace to her fresh Canadian looks, the 26-year-old VanCamp successfully anchors a show perennially in danger of throwing its viewers overboard with each new blast of plot. VanCamp’s on-screen wingwomen are the fashionable Londoner Ashley Madekwe, who plays the ambitious party planner Ashley Davenport, and the California-born Christa B. Allen, whose character, the poor little rich girl Charlotte Grayson, can’t help but be a victim, despite her best efforts to enact her own revenge. Ever so loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo, the much-adapted doorstop of a novel by Alexandre Dumas, Revenge is proving that—Downton Abbey be damned—Americans still know how to make a wicked soap opera when they set their minds to it.

By Jennifer Sep 18, 2012 Magazine Alert Videos

Emily VanCamp is featured on the cover and inside the October 2012 issue of “Self” magazine! Check out her cover and a behind the scenes video below!

Emily VanCamp