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The Rise and Rise of Emily VanCamp

The sun is setting on an unseasonably cold early spring day in Port Perry, Ontario, and Emily VanCamp is starting to worry. The actress has been home for a couple of weeks, visiting family and generally taking a break from the regular jet-setting life of a Hollywood starlet.

“LA is great,” she says, “but I’ve been missing home a lot more lately.” She had a play date scheduled with her nephew, and now she’s looking out the window at the snow (or is it rain? No one really knows), and thinking about the drive over there, and the time, and maybe she’ll have to call and cancel before it gets too dark.

You can take the sensible Canadian girl out of Canada, but you can’t take the sensible Canadian thinking out of the girl.

Head over to Sharp to read the interview and check out the gallery for the newest addition to the shoot.

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