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Welcome to Emily VanCamp Fan - one of the web's largest and most up-to-date fan sites dedicated to actress Emily VanCamp! You may know Emily from her work on the TV series "Everwood", "Brothers and Sisters" or the hit ABC drama "Revenge". We feature the latest news and information, nearly 60,000 photos, videos, media and more! Proudly paparazzi free, we're celebrating 6 years Online!
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Marvel Studios is increasing their girlpower on the big screen, and behind the scenes they’re looking for some talented science-loving youngsters as well. Marvel’s partnering with the National Academy of Sciences’ Science & Entertainment Exchange for a program where...

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The ABC promo about the impending show finale was accurate. Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Revenge has been canceled by ABC after four seasons. The cancellation does not come as a surprise. Revenge has struggled in the ratings for...

Buy Xanax Uk Reddit has named the Top 11 Breakout Stars of 2011 and Emily has made the list! She is featured along with Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Melissa McCarthy and others. 7.Emily VanCamp "Revenge" might be a dish best served cold,...

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TV Line interviewed Emily and she talks about the fall finale episode that aired last night. Revenge, as fans of ABC’s frothy new drama can attest, is a sweet indulgence, and a heaping new bit will be served this...