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Welcome to Emily VanCamp Fan - one of the web's largest and most up-to-date fan sites dedicated to actress Emily VanCamp! You may know Emily from her work on the TV series "Everwood", "Brothers and Sisters" or the hit ABC drama "Revenge". We feature the latest news and information, nearly 60,000 photos, videos, media and more! Proudly paparazzi free, we're celebrating 6 years Online!
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  1. dear emily vancamp this is my fourth letter to you and 740th letter to hollywood cz of my interest or hobby in your industry you’ve paid me three visits and you might not realize i notice all of them from the day you walk up my stairs but i have to tell you somthing mind the jealous frazers and sierra leoneans plus the county cops so that they don’t use you sexually by playing with your mind that i am a homosexual including warren buffet are how do you feel if i have a proposal of marriage in mind the frazers have been working secretely aginst me since i walk up their in-laws stairs as a 6yrs old boy with my cat ,i know you might have heard i am petrify by it now ,it’s cz they buried one in my being and it scary cz it can execute me if i come across another cat i have a seek feeling don’t asking me how it possible follow up with my 737 mails to your actress colleagues ,come and get me when i am fnish withthe exorcism don’t come now or get sharman moore to do it they know how it’s a black american cult i have read it in slavery by another name ,salem witch trial and a buddish religious book there was more but it looks like thy have clear the rest of my revelations when i smoke a cigarette this past weekend and i felt cold or the breath the humidity of cold air into my nostril for the very first time in america

  2. i am tired and exhausted of writting a 100 pages of new revelation i got yesterday when i was in my livingroom and i also woke up from two back to back nap of some type of nitemares and still got some more and more revelati0ns around 9:54p.m. few hours towards the islamic sabbath day and i use to say prayers everyday then wednesday friday and saturday as in 7day adventise and after emailing angela one of my mediums and telling or reporting to them about the present pedify attacks at the wheaton ,md library i heard a senere outside but anyway yesterday revelations came in the correct form and time it happened in my life organize like a jigsaw puzzle in my brainn but it had ware me out from 2011 november to now i still haven’t come to the conclusive end yet warren buffet has made all the african,west indians and african maericans young guys that i used to see around the neighborhood his clients and the hangout in his resource center and they have all disappeared this could have been your 5th letter ,i can’t keep up updating you guys in hollywood i knows you’ve had from your collleagues and peers,demi has 70,sarah has 230,jaime has 50,jade xu has 85alisha keys has 300 silvester 30 ,wesley has 30 lilly has 11,500pages on-line and about 600 -800pages to st matthew’s churches in tulsa ,oklahoma the double digit i am refer to the numbers are letters of 60pages over 40000pages of literature of abuse or tell toni drew or robert gomez i am the sole heir to bill cosby or frank bowen wright inheritance and the godfather of the sierra leonean communities all over the world and he can’t bellitle me or humiliate me they know me very well por what the sierra leonean called in creole borbor after all he is a black man in america although he can make some difficulties for me i know his rank as officer it only the cruisers that makes them sophisticating from the african cops of his rank and i am not a drug dealer nor murder so i have nothing to worry about he might be trying to cowardize me but i have abide by the laws of the united states and this country is built on immigrants just cz somebody is establish in another country i mean with formal education does not mean they don’t have an accent speaking of the african obgyn it just his small time ifnfuence on the jurisdiary system under the frazer’s influence i am somewhat worried about .i saw a caucasian female cop under walgreen surveillnce camera telling me she does not like white american men and 6yrs late i saw somebody like camille in an ethiopian disguise with her frame in white same spot then then after i had a revelation of them dropping me off in the 70 vfor we are all old souls and i am ashamed i saw or met miss baby and her this summer in subway in whiteoak emily miss baby is my african mum who had a misfortune or mishap

  3. the obgyn or african obgyn might want you next so bring sharman moore with you again and i know in my sleep walk or work you’ve paid me three visit like i mentioned to you in my last email

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