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  1. dear emily vancamp this is my fourth letter to you and 740th letter to hollywood cz of my interest or hobby in your industry you’ve paid me three visits and you might not realize i notice all of them from the day you walk up my stairs but i have to tell you somthing mind the jealous frazers and sierra leoneans plus the county cops so that they don’t use you sexually by playing with your mind that i am a homosexual including warren buffet are how do you feel if i have a proposal of marriage in mind the frazers have been working secretely aginst me since i walk up their in-laws stairs as a 6yrs old boy with my cat ,i know you might have heard i am petrify by it now ,it’s cz they buried one in my being and it scary cz it can execute me if i come across another cat i have a seek feeling don’t asking me how it possible follow up with my 737 mails to your actress colleagues ,come and get me when i am fnish withthe exorcism don’t come now or get sharman moore to do it they know how it’s a black american cult i have read it in slavery by another name ,salem witch trial and a buddish religious book there was more but it looks like thy have clear the rest of my revelations when i smoke a cigarette this past weekend and i felt cold or the breath the humidity of cold air into my nostril for the very first time in america

  2. i am tired and exhausted of writting a 100 pages of new revelation i got yesterday when i was in my livingroom and i also woke up from two back to back nap of some type of nitemares and still got some more and more revelati0ns around 9:54p.m. few hours towards the islamic sabbath day and i use to say prayers everyday then wednesday friday and saturday as in 7day adventise and after emailing angela one of my mediums and telling or reporting to them about the present pedify attacks at the wheaton ,md library i heard a senere outside but anyway yesterday revelations came in the correct form and time it happened in my life organize like a jigsaw puzzle in my brainn but it had ware me out from 2011 november to now i still haven’t come to the conclusive end yet warren buffet has made all the african,west indians and african maericans young guys that i used to see around the neighborhood his clients and the hangout in his resource center and they have all disappeared this could have been your 5th letter ,i can’t keep up updating you guys in hollywood i knows you’ve had from your collleagues and peers,demi has 70,sarah has 230,jaime has 50,jade xu has 85alisha keys has 300 silvester 30 ,wesley has 30 lilly has 11,500pages on-line and about 600 -800pages to st matthew’s churches in tulsa ,oklahoma the double digit i am refer to the numbers are letters of 60pages over 40000pages of literature of abuse or tell toni drew or robert gomez i am the sole heir to bill cosby or frank bowen wright inheritance and the godfather of the sierra leonean communities all over the world and he can’t bellitle me or humiliate me they know me very well por what the sierra leonean called in creole borbor after all he is a black man in america although he can make some difficulties for me i know his rank as officer it only the cruisers that makes them sophisticating from the african cops of his rank and i am not a drug dealer nor murder so i have nothing to worry about he might be trying to cowardize me but i have abide by the laws of the united states and this country is built on immigrants just cz somebody is establish in another country i mean with formal education does not mean they don’t have an accent speaking of the african obgyn it just his small time ifnfuence on the jurisdiary system under the frazer’s influence i am somewhat worried about .i saw a caucasian female cop under walgreen surveillnce camera telling me she does not like white american men and 6yrs late i saw somebody like camille in an ethiopian disguise with her frame in white same spot then then after i had a revelation of them dropping me off in the 70 vfor we are all old souls and i am ashamed i saw or met miss baby and her this summer in subway in whiteoak emily miss baby is my african mum who had a misfortune or mishap

  3. the obgyn or african obgyn might want you next so bring sharman moore with you again and i know in my sleep walk or work you’ve paid me three visit like i mentioned to you in my last email

  4. this is your 7 th letter and the third i sent through sarah silverman talking about lethal injection the rest does not matter it has to do with reminants of my memoire and you find specific of the only person you have to worry about they left yesterday january 27th a monday ,2020.i am expecting you anytime soon inquire from sharman mmore if he knows how to do exorcism on the cat ,bird and caucasian faggot or the dead african american soldier and thecaucasian witch and tribval witches which were buried inside of my me mostly at the frazer’s house before i left home away from home,watch out for the montgomery county cops they might held in their hands your address which they stole from my apartment cz it not at the spot it used to be.the cops might be putting i am por when i type or cz they are trying to throw you off or the frazer’s,i am rich ir wealthy now although the money has not come through yet

  5. so far you should be having about 300-500pages of manuscript which should be a hundred pages more if i did not slack off cz i was tire last friday or revelation which i did 41 exams with a 7day adventist church in california and i score all A’s in them mayb e the cop is changing my type formula or the african obgyn family who are computer servy your colleagues have most of the account or story right from the beginning from 2011-2020 everyday every sec,minute ,hours and day before i slowed down about a year and half ago or couple of years ago to three or four times a week

  6. i mean i have a western background for a young man but don’t need to re-enforce it by passing the hardcore persona to my kids.i am preparing a fourth mail that might re-routed through sarah and that will be your 8th letters ,i am in page 6 now and if i say my prayer well or go through the prayer rituals i will come again with some revelations meanwhile keep this is in mind lethal injection is the topic of the past three mails

  7. i am preparing an 8th letter to you everything is not for everybody so delete my messages when you are done with them yesterday’s and the day before yesterday at the library and how an african american cop went to tht bathroom asking me for soap like he is trying to given ideas ,something are not mean’t to spell out use your intiative in this case he is the same cop or somewhat lite skin coop i saw at rockcreek foundation /affliated sante group in spring street

  8. they are all over my business and easy dropping into my information by break and intreusion over the internet into the library account or records.i don’t know what you need to do for us to collect our money but if you are the chosen wife which remains on one of two critiria you may have to beat some contacts ,hire a high price lawyers and we have a small talk for wedding agreement or pre-nop cases and then like i said delete th messages for the haters you might not get that respond for you are a woman

  9. i mailed your 8th and 9th mail enclose in the same envelop at w.buffet complex near the construction site in his complex under surviellance camera at around 8-915a.m. this morning and i saw about six montgomery county cruisers scoping the area this is today sat the 1st of feburary 2020 and the last nite i saw people in my apartment saying my african mumy is ugly as if it comes by that and if that the case and i am not bill and camille cosby’s son she was born and raise beautiful up to in her earlier 20s unlike uncle sam king 0or bragadier sam king whom together with uncle dero,bernard ,ade -renner -thomas and most successfull african of their generation mums were ugly and now married to beautiful women and in my african mum case she had a mishap, in my case i don’t know if it camille and bill that are not satisfy with my taste of women and are trying all the blackmail in the book .then this morning the camaroonian ulgy woman with cock string muscularly built body and a man’s face try to set the impression to my the biracial female upstairs like we had a thin and even drove behind her by setting to the other biracial one block away it their primitive way to find money the gregara’ss and the mr daniel wife this is just a summary there is a 40pages volume of revelations coming your way like i said i mail it under w.buffet surveillance camera people can’t control their jealousy sometimes they cross international borders with it and how many oceans

  10. last nite i saw cats or people in the forms of cat having a meeting in my apartment and the depekote medicine i used to take has been discontinued that remove the spirit of a cat ,bird the caucasian faggot with the supplication of prayers and i saw somebody like bill gate’s at the hospital talking to a cop in private clothes and felt w.buffet presence in the emergency room if you recalled the cat originally nter’s through my rear and the bird might be the fried or jorloff rice in the migeria airline through oral poison the faggot i don’t want to assume or give out the wrong info but you know who set the caucasian faggot

  11. your 10 mail left this morning and your 11th is been prepared i slowed down cz i got weak after 9yrs of 7yrs of everyday revelations and the past two or a year and a half has been three or four times a week of revelations cz i got fatigue or exhausted i get shut down by the indians when i sit in front of the computer nothing comes to mind except i prepare on my way of the nite before , don’t let them tell lo you different i don’t favor their trap marriage or wedding and they don’t like me for it ,it almost like a slavve wedding ythe doctor place two vv or his relatives and i don’t want a dysfunction family and the rest of it that comes along with it before people take offense and you know how they do here worse than the sierra leoneans like emilia renner mwhen they can’t control their jealousy and as far as i am concerned homosexuality is not in my agender or in my hormones or dna or genelogy take that anti-christlike attitude or way of life to somebeobdy who do not mind i mind

  12. what kept me alive all these years was the fact that i have a a hollywood royalty or novelty and i did not have a cue that you guys knew me and wanted me there as much as i wanted to know and see california that what was keeping me alive but age is catching up and i have to face reality it now oir never either they leave me to marry you or your type or as you know when i get paid for my books and movies or entertainment royalties i dash you guys your share and hop on a plane find a wife in the my destinated caucasian country and elope back to africa cz america also has a favorable weather coming from west africa before i start sleep in dumpster and leave an african royalty that could have given me cooks we called them ,servants,gardeners,security guards,drivers or cheuffuers you called them vet to take care of my dogs if i prefer a german shepard , and guys that come and maintaince the cleaning and repairing of the houses or masions

  13. a faggot came and sat with his butt hanging to my waist and he is there right now they don’t take no for an answer.there is a 150pages volume coming your way or your direction in five leetrs two left day before yesterday and three left yesterday the 02/05/2020,i pass it through k.hudson cz one of katy perry 29th mail got sent back when her address got missing in action in my bedroom the words por where or suppose to be or slaave or y might be the typo willfull change of the obgyn ,his families who are computer saavy,his in-laws or the cop his son in-law or the county cops

  14. aunty dolice who is twice as prettier than the obgyn wife and my african mum provided i am not camille cosby son was three times prettier than the african obgyn wife my afircan grandma was the most beautiful in her family or the frank bowen -wright musician brothers,grandma oni was prettier than my african gandmaso does the sitters,mason, jones,stewartbasco-george, ferguson’s and wiliams mums’ were of european american descendant of foremnothers i mean they were white americans that also might implies of the robbin -coker’s.the african obgyn is ashamed of his brown skin african families and try mine as a nutshell i had a trance like when you came to the apartment lastnite mean this past and current day but late nite at around 3;32a.m. today the 6th of febuary ,2020a blackcat revealed itself to me and enter into my soul or bodily frame like it was sodomizing me with a type of animal scream or humane that i demonically posses and disappeared in my backbone note i did a full exorcism of prayers yesterday and it all churches weekly bible studies day wednesdayi felt a human witness it but he or she does not want to be rcognised or identifiedi mean the individual

  15. i could have chosen katy perry for she needed protect from been used but she has a hot boyfriend and he can protect her physically and she wil like him more better than me that could have been you caucasian competitor but i told you you have one person that can give you an upset and the fact that yu might not want to get rid of your domestic and wild catsplus some of your faggot brothers which my brothers could have told me how to respond to them but cat is an old humane demon and it not like when i was innocent they give me the crip just looking at their faces and their persona they are the devils,i don’t know if i ever like them again.i have the same accepted jaw lines like your you know what you said when i was watching you on t.v. in your mind but it suit us well and add to our beauty

  16. your 11th to 15 ltter is about 250pages in volume they are on their way to you like i said pass through kathy hudson cz sarh don’t want me to use her address and she was convinent to relay messages to you guys she has the most of the revlation over 230letter and twenty more for yoou guy re-route through her

  17. the revelations to you guys should be running about 42,000pages of penmanship literature ,i am working on your 16th i pass four through you address and about the same about through sarah silverman and the rest to kathy hudson cz that the only address i have left or at hand either four or five ,five five but it ‘s your 15th and i am preparing you 16th pay attention to the volume which might be tampered with by the montgomery county cops or the african obgyn son -in law the county cop beadvice you should also save you panties for the wedding to materialize
    so i don’t get jealous cz they have done it to other potential lovers or wife whom had been eliminated i am at pages fourteen of the 16th revelations and i am running to go home to say my prayers and try to write more revelations although this is a summary of the previous letters and future letters to you indicating that you have to watch out for yyour letters volume and detail i forgot what they called people who copy other people penmanship so you get the real story from the horses mouth and would you call it an interesting account and crucifixion that we should harvest trillions .don’t come just yet if you don’t know how to do exorcism on the cat ,bird or dove or eagle of faggot cz if you don’t or haven’t laid hands on my username and p from you colleagues whom you know i know you are missing out on a lot i have told you quietly you strong point is what you thought might run me away but that emphasize you beauty and i have that as attribute which gave me a strong point also. that goes for rodney frazer too don’t encourage him ,if you are getting married you are not marrying him or he does not have that as plan for youexcerpt use you and they braggaboast to me like they do now like i am late cz they have been attacking me for decades but the truth finally comes out and they look like the faggot now there is nothing i can’t handle excerpt surgery

  18. hurry and find the help i need from this spiritual warfare so we can get mar4ried if you are down with me i want my african families to be families of the past bill and camille or not.they are atttacking me emily and you know it there is so much proven facts within you and your colleagues hands and you’ll know i am under the anointing of the holy spirit cz every blessed day for the past 9yrs i have ha memories breakthrough or recipocrate of a fresh reminants of the past from the airforce one up to this day what made it cattered around is the fact that i met mike tyson in 1997 summer in my apartment and the fact that he came that close to me i experience a witch slaming my head against a concrete sidewalk three times that enough to wipe out memories or scatter it or side it to the sub-concious use your intiative ,i am gathering with common judgement anyway try and talk to sharman moore and see if you cn get amadu bangura to set these things free from me the frazer’s buried these things inside of my soul when i was getting ready for the states excerpt for the old man and the 50yrs old soildier which were done right after i landed we don’t need to settle in hollywood we can buy lots of lands and after we split with love ones so that neighbors don’t knnocking for help financially cz every good thing comes to an end and yes there are trils i am using innuedo or riddle or insurnuating you picking things up cz they too might not have it for all of us excerppt the give us about five hundred or 999 trils

  19. your 16th mail is on the wy pass through jamie alex so tell you want your mail nd it might slow down cz i am pushing i am beyond exhausted or fatigue or tire , making me lazy an i don’t hae strength left for my hygience or cook or watch t.v. which they have fuck up my concentration through voodoo find aplace for us and we work together from the money from this fight what we will dish out to friends and family remember some of them were here before you although if you play your cards right you can be an ideal wife in my eyes.the 16th letter or mail will explain what we also need to do to know what bill gate and warren buffet made from this fight and how they allocate the money including thier share but remember demi sarah and sandra had been around for decades and your few friends that have been under the cold with me trying to bring this long fight and struggle to a conclusion

  20. your 16 th mail left last friday then i notice a caucasian county cop drivinng away from the postal office direct in case your mail does not get to you and it 30 pages long ,your 17th is about 56 pages in volume and have already left baadvice no matter how painful they set us up i mean warren i will always like you and may have hidden respect for you although they finally set you and i up it warren buffet

  21. pull that picture you know i might get jealous and i did ,it just left for me to find out my true parents under the anointing your 17 th mail is 56 pages in volume and you 16th like i said is 30 pages 14 and 16thpages two in one letter for the 16th. and yes your lower end start looking exciting and great or outrageous

  22. uyour 17th mail left yesterday and it about 58pages long precisely,i got lazy and my revelation slowed down but here is the thin ,i have about 8pages of sip or drop of memory recaps that came to mind and i don’ty know if i have the time to write all of it but let start as my 10 grader english teacher yuse to tell us absent makes the mind go funder and familiarity breath content or whe n you ly down with dogs you get up with flees that goes for fatu bangura it was a mistake if i don’t take they could or will have turn me into a faggot by now although she is wy below my class of family value or descendants heritage or culturaly we ar not suppose to even play excerpt if i am dirty poor and that is in elementary or kindergaton 11th grader mathematical teacher used to say some comes from homes some from houses and sisters lining together ,eitheer bill gate hired warren buffet to keep an eye on me or bill cosby hired them on me that goes for mr daniel my african dad cz dadddies are not suppose to be poor so they are hired killers not literally but they killed dream’s

  23. when i was seeing camille csby off at the airport and in the airforce one plane she said i will win and walk to wards th pilot cockpitt smiling with satisfaction of herself like she is going to enjoy herself and she self free or freedom of a mum casting out her responsibilities on others and spoke in her mind you are cominng to know i am the white man kidt6his was in freetown seirra leone for the fact that i want to take the young age cz of the supernatural invested in me and i am ashame i can’t tell you or i expect you to figure my age if they didn’t decieve me this was seeing them off and linda once gewaham now howuka who has a nigerian a her hushand now lives ina place that sound like bpine bine ,in olney ,md nearr where this mail is compose she was originally livinng in california shortly after she left freetown when she was married to uncle vernon the irish american but is now married to a nigerian ,ayo juliet williams stole one of my pressure babies in my sub-concious and she does not have the right attribute and she knew it but stole it through the semi -concious in warren buffet present and the goes for about five or six neighborhood young women they set me up in my sleep through the sub-concious and ayo,juliet williams lives in bowe ,md her phone # was 301.351.0808 for her 30 and 40 bucks help i didi not know that was coming she is the niece of aunty josephine stevens whom i saw when aunty marie tisdalle gave me a memorial service palmphet or flyer of they were blowing aunty josephine stevens butt with a fan the old or same old man like warren buffet was also in my bedroom making comment about the sexual relationship of ayo ,juliet williams the saturday morning she was leaving my mattress

  24. shaiki jalloh move out of my block the former sierra leonean president grand son after i caught him three times at people encouraging people .inc signing off some paperwork and the same old man or caucasian old man set the pace of the office i used to dye uncle dero’s hair cz he wanted to look young for his toy girls and perhaps that why i went grey early cz my folks who raise me and adad does not have it and the beast face came withthe abuse inn all aspect in life or deprivation in all aspect including the too much mind at work i am talking about that the reasoning and lack of food ,sleep,exercise ,sex and many more i mean the struggles in all aspect of life or different aspect in life aunty josephine stevens took her co-workers to my elementary school the sierra leone broadcasting services it was around the same time of the poisoning of the balgon by treating us as children,the talkative spells , and that where they killed the lion as bill cosby by beating it with stick to death ,the panther cz it was bigger than a cat left me and re-attached this past week inn my bedroom and then spoke voodoo or demonic cat language in my right ear three interval of time before it disappeared inside of my soul

  25. this place i am compose this mail is near where camille cosby’s was raise or is the area where she was raise according to bill cosby’s memoire cz i read his auto biographic under the inspiration guardian of the holy spirit.the only way i do as bill gate’s whiles by been a software developer or engineer after the list i mentioned below of disciplines have been met or fulfil or will be on the worx is if i become a hardcore heterosexual guy cz they keep attacking me every step i make the obgyn or african obgyn ,his families in-laws the johnson’s and some of my owe relatives or adopted relatives are attacking me even now from the typo mistake and omissions when i read over i knew that’s not what i originally type or the format i left it at to be a faggot we black people refer to it is a curse,a tabur and a big time abommination to our jewish god the great i am.if bill gate refuse to clarrify himself by telling me that not what he had in mind i will know he has good intentions or than that ir the other way around the way to hell,we come to how i almost lost my life yesterday after talkinng to mohamed jabbie and aking his ciagrette offer but let me finish one subject before on to the next .one of my straight A’s female cousins by the name of venesa jones a software engineer who went to school in minnesota or mineapolis minnesota can vicious my algebrea two and calculus and complex calculus or in-organic skillls the read is up to me readinng comprehending and logics tfor engineering or software developer or engineer then if she vvicious the three aforementioned cllasses i can prove i could have handle engineering since i was 14-16yrs of age

  26. now memory recaps of last nite i thought they were going to take me to see you i ,met mohamed jabbie in whiteoak shopping center but when i came home and started pciking things i picked up that i might have given mohamed a chance by taking me to see a doctor and get rid of the spells goinng back out between 5:15 -5:30 p.m. yesterday tuesday t02/11/2020 the ride-on bus driver gave me vicious eyes like he like to murder me for no apparent reasonso i question him and he wants to argue when we get to lockwood and new hampshire in front of warren buffet complex he asked me about hand cuff he looks like a montgomery county cop 20904 and a ten years old girl got off with me then she wanted to cross the intersection with me pursue me to gaint and subway but i gave her a questionable look and when i got to where i last parted company with miss baby i felt the cat attack abot five or six times this time strong than strong.tell the african obgyn i don’t want to work for his nephew if anything i want apple to train me in california and we can take venesa with us she is a cousin or an adopted cousin not as pretty as you but she has class and came up better than me you have nothing to worry about nothing you don’t give a permission to do .tell the african obgyn whether he like it on not it the end i am parting company with their family or families with or without you,i don’t intented for them to be feeding off my luck for life it amost two generation it enough go home i did not badluck your familiy or families he did to mine

  27. your 18th mail left this morning about 60pages posted in front of a 7day adventist church head quarter two african american provoking my accent so as usual i said how about barrack ,kofi hanna,hakim olajuwon,dekabay mutombo and manhook bow they bite their tongue one was a ride -on bus driver the other a passanger.this was done today 02/12/2020

  28. then three drivers two who looks like c county cop have asked me including yesterday and this morning where was i from,as if to say they can get me deported for wanting to date a caucasian woman and if i don’t play according to toni drew or robert gomez cards that he delt me

  29. whether i am bill and camille son or not i deserve to jealous for my spouse r future spouse i am an african american with european standards now emily what you might refer to as a black aristocrat so try not to expose too much of your self i am a jealous lover not like o.j but i can eliminate you or capable of hurting you lover’s who kidnap you from me . t not just talking emily i operate like the godfather in the past i don’t need to do things directly

  30. if i had gone to the any of the special military forces or academy i will have been train to be an officer i do things by passing out orders,i don’t beleive in hurting a fly yet but i am capable like anybody else and i mostly know my potential that cz of my christian beliefs i can only pass out orders it not that bad or consider a first degree

  31. i have a revelations about yesterday theodore aka roland ) johnson a boom normally plays a hard core joke with me that he ‘ll turn me into a faggot talking it aloud on the street for passerby he is a boom i met here in america i saw hanging with my african dad so i told him if i was a million or billionaire he talk to me like that he will be delt with then few minutes later when i have forgotten a brown skin cop in plain clothes walk up when i asked him for a few bucks or singles he told me he find a job for me in a prison i told him i have paid my dues and is way overdue to be collecting a disability check cz they diagnose me 28yrs ago then a maintainenece guy came up from warren buffet place when i tried to shake his hands i only happened to shake his two piston finger cz i was not paying attention to the moment while he parked with his truck trunk towards the 7eleven front enterance i should be collect benefits and not to talk about my entertainment royalties cz they have publish books ,movies and trun of songs about me for decades just take fron the time you started picking up lyrics in the 80s to now you see pay close attention to the words of songs and pay teention to movies details and for the books i might have to give you a list of book that the main character is about me but you’ll have to read thousands and thousands of them and try to pick up every small details publish and authorise the same author in different names , then he walk behind the 7eleven this was arounfd3-5p.m. yesterday 02/12/2020 at the 7eleven in whiteoak,md20904.i have fought till i am completely fatigue so i call it a quit for now and try to get laid happy valentine in case you don’t see me ,uncle dero’s mum and his children used to make me share a bowl of rice and stew with them and they will be in both direction right and left side of me and she take the header or footer isn’t that a crucifixionif i establish i don’t want my african mum and dad in the same states i have give you specifics of the living arrange with ayo ,juliet williams who stole my babies so since she does not have the right attributes i like to pass on to my kids she take care of her cz that a curse on my child that i could not bare to give him or her when i give you the authority to split provided i find you illigble for th right wife with the intelligence persona and you control whoring then there ‘ll be a marriage cz you can give me your conditions

  32. it the cop that pass behind 7eleven yesterday and you have the person,traces of aristocracy shows in your persona , now since you and i were raise in a different country other than untied states i expect by canadian culture whore-ing is moderated try not to show too much leave some for you future husband and let it stays mysterious for passbys every thing is not for everybody and tell your gay friends your future husband don’t mind your have them as find friends but their be no house calls expect for straight me black or white happy valentine i am expecting a meeting soon .i have a page and a half but today is valentine let celebrate and i have seize prayers from abou three months ago so the revelations has gone or went completely slow down cz it will leed me to the conclusion soon

  33. today saturday the 15th of fenruary ,202 i went to the library in rockville near the court house and they kept close for an hour extra coming down the street from there at e.middle lane and park road i saw a funneral car going towards two cemetary lincoln park and twinbrook parkway under the intersection surveillance camera,here is yesterday’s friday the 14th of february,2020 at aroundat people encouraging people .inc i have a female friend that date one of my nigerian neighborhood friend and when i was leaveing she wanted to leave with me then a faggot stood like he is penetrating into her and i don’t know who exit me he was 40s the late 20s faggots are gone and at their douplex building a late 660 or early 70yrs old faggot made as if he he is penetraing into me or my mouth i couldn’t not pick up and i was attanted by blessy an indian young womannoite this was the week mohamed jabbie offer me a stick of cigarette at lockwood and behind gaint i saw for the first time a cruiser parked inn the middle of the road ebtween the shopping center and the covienet stores this was between 12;30a.m. and 1:145 p.m. a montogmery county cop and he was white then when he notice the white young female was gone he drove right in front of me under the intersection and the shopping center survieelcance camera ,the caucasian woman got scared and went her owe way when he did not see her he drove up to me and turn towards the seven eleven given me his right mug short.he was obese excerpt if he disguise,then lakaisha murphy made a house call without prior notice and brought me some food then she hung her butt on my neighbors front door direction the camaroonian and when we went outside she rub her butt against me ,at 1;30a.m.and 3:00a.m. i was expecting you instead somebody like rodney frazer came in the room or a brown skin man trying to kiss me twice with smokers teeth like himthe camaroonian lives at 11530stewwart lane.apt b-2 silver spring ,md 20904

  34. it could be that lakaisha murphy is trying to tell me warren buffet is next door and the guy at nite was also brown like eddie murphy,ian cummings and abubaka bundu -kamara might have befriended him through puva bullock.`note that mohamed jabbie gave me a cigarette which could have been poison and had it in his mouth like a crucifixion or he is sucking dick and then called me bastard pikin meaning bastard child and i only got to know him a couple of years back same with roland johnson or aka thod went to the middle of the road wherre miss baby went stood and told me he turn me into a faggot aloud but heis three times bigger than me when i told him i know guys four times than his size he went and callled the county cop who was brown sskin and he told me to go find a job in a prison and passes behind 7eleven claimed he is a soldier but looks like a county cop and rodney frazer brother in-law ia brown the county cop.i saw someone like fatu bangura daughter waiting for the mail man towards the end of this week and the very next day a county cruiser waiting at the hispanic front puch for th3e mail man but even if she was my daughter i won’t reconise her for i have only seen her twice that could have been the third and she has camille cosby compexion.anuty josehine stevens faggot my stomach by oison the balgon at samria elementry school and brought heer t the sierra leone broad casting service to watch,then when i was getting ready for the states curses me on the street twice one in freetown and the other in london then stole the money or incentive to wards my entertainment by bring shaika jalloh to live right next to me and i saw him signing somepaper wwork at people enecouraging people .inc for somebody like warren buffet then her niece who use d to loan me 30 and 40buck stole my pressure babies through sleep fuck i caught her leaving my mattress with a smile of satisfaction and heard the old man voice again commetning on the sex,like an old hisoanic woman told me young one ho old ones ho all are afraid to die and a caucasian woman once told me she does not liek white american men under surviellance camera.uncle dero’s mama used to make she and her grandchildren derrick and barbara thrope eat from a bowl of fried rice and her grandkids will be by my sides and she will be the header or footer,crucifixioni heard you say you don’t want venesa jones in your house that fine but i don’t want your homsexuals brothers excerpt if then are straight and no domestic or wild cat that the only requirement excerpt you perona and i have told you what you need to work on and you can lay your conditions.if you want pets i like duberman,alsayanns ,seberian horsekeys ,golden retrivers,roll wielders and german shepards the are the best f4om what i understand they have the intelligence of a 6yrs old child.thiis was suppose to be your 19th but it faster and it wasn’t muh although i am missing four pages,i might get the revelation again at home

  35. when we spit the equit of our entertainment royalties and give friend s and families there i want no more relationship with these people i want to keep a distance if you want a healthy relationship rodney frazer was fucking fatu bangura after she drove me away

  36. w.buffet in japanese disguise in my bedroom walking towards the closet by the door says with his back towards me this is my owe butt in his mind i don’t want to raise kids or family in the washington meteropolitan area or suburbans cz i am old here and need a fresh start and a real change frm the same everyday 28yrs of familiar faces which have been badluck.i am not afraid of bill gate or warren buffet nevermind their influence on the people i am only trying to be assertive and show them some tyupe of respect but i need an automated respond from you or them for our money tha6t might goes towards starting and establishing a family in a new cities or country llike north ,south ,california or canada asap if you can google bill gate cz he might be watching or seeing what i am typing there won’t be any it company if it'[ homosexuality or promoting the trangender on the this god given sunday the 16th of february ,2020i eventually wants to end in california but i am not paying attention to my surrounding fully and you know that mountian lions are there nothing else that won’t burry me with thousand and thousand of people it not that scary when you are going with others,i was expecting you for valentine come at your earliest convienent and try to get support or hang heads with sharman moore or suge knight.i have more of these literature but maybe time wont permit it cz the library close soon.barabara thorp has a kid name emanny and she might live or befriends with angelaina jolie’s who might have influence her to adipt an ethiopian kid or she might have live in her house the last i saw of her she came with a pickup truck with somebody like melisa mccathy and a slim caucasian male saying as i sleep walk she is going to nigeria onj a sunday like this outside my parkinglot and that they finishing busting asses aloud i gather while i slept or sleep walk or work this is mohamed jabbie’s number (301)804.7610aunty tuns was here last friday for saturday morining singing to the evil spirit to leave with her in the trance getting the balcony doors drawn and i woke up while the supernatural was getting ready to exit but that not the way mercy zeemicheal get rid of it she remove the cat three times in 5mins and left it again at the fourth .the old man like warren might be chaging apartment but is on my garden apartment block

  37. demi after landing in africa and they disguise me at withthe old man the fight was set up by w.buffet which both him and bill cosby wore white stafford executive shirts like mine and demi could identify me even withthe disguise among african kids ,i don’t know where i learnt at that young age cz i did not recall wqatching t.v. yet in africa i curl my tri and bisec into a muscle or some type of fist so she chose me and the abuse might beavice of uncle stanley frazer they say mardy gras is on the 25th of february ,2020 and i am having a sick feeling about ti even though google says otherwise yesterday after leaving the bethesda ,md library i saw two police cruisers parked trunk face-ing trunk and blocking route 29th and east west highway and further up a crane has been raise working in the middle of the road and two more police criusers blocking second or awayne avenue with one of the cruiser on the side of the street had his back door opened with the officers butt stick out to the street i mean county police officer but brown skin cle3aring his back seat i walk pass him like nothing shakes me or beat me if he dear arrest me i tell them the truth in court and so help me god ,i want after the harvest to push my african mum and dad away for they chase me like i gave a planned birth to them and they never gets off age or legal .their way and hygience is too poor for me or bad for me plus they lack lass ,pinash, ettiquette , and the whole 9yards to give a successful family or western successful family i me the epidemy of amix race or biracial class of aristocracy when i left downtown yesterday after the four cruisers and incident withthe county cop at popeyes in front of warren buffet complex am ethiopian guy under camera beside the shopping center i missing for neighborhood acquant wanted to kiss me i had to drive him away.this is sunday your 20th mail apart from your 18th general mail sent through the postal office or u.s.p.s maybe the cop are blocking your message at the wheaton library

  38. come and get me it time to get wed and let be happy forget the haters let them go die as long as your gay friends keep their hands tothemselves and no house calls or domestic or wild cat i am ready to move in we have promise money blessings or we need the harvest.this is not for you emily it for the jealous intruders or inrutions control your jealousy

  39. your 21 st mail or letter which i refer on the back of the letter as your 20th has been sent and is coming through jaime alex and she should have a handful of your letter and it’s a hundred pages in volume which you be recieving in three or five working days if it not already inn your possesion.

  40. it explain how who can take care of my african mum i have been re-constructed cz of the bad memories i was getting and it got me sick in my mind so somebody behind the scenery who knows a lot about my case more than me stop the memories breakthrough by now i could have proven to myself i am bill and camille cosby son or the otherwise which i slightly believe these are the women i suspect strongly stole my pressure babies jeniffer chanchez or lazo ,carlton the maintainence man in my complex daughter ,juliet ayo williams whom i strongly recommend take care and give my african mum housekeepinng in her owe site ,mimi seeta -nelson my ncamaroonninain naighbor up stairs who move out to laurel ,md the nigerian family at 11532 stewart lane ,apt c-2 silver spring,md 20904 whom i also strongly suspect stole my pressure babies jeniffer and carlton daughter are refinne so i don’t mind but i refuse the others cz i don’t like their atribute or facial attributes ,the cat book which i have sent to katy perry for you to obtain and i have have given you a lists of your handful of male and female actors and actresses colleagues who had most of these letters as memoire or dedication to you beofre my prediction and dream rested on you you could have win long time ago but maybe the holy spirit want me to have a handful of you friends as female lovers or friends with benefits for you know what they say don’t lay all your eggs in one basket if you disappoint me not only by you behavior which i don’t think you would but the real deal got to stay tight when we or you decide i am the right guy for you meanwhile let have an opened mind for we are both still young and haven’t start tie-ing the knutt by havinng kids which will bond us ,katy have 29th of your letters ,jaime about 50 .demi about 70.sarah about 250 cz of my jewish and christian connnection or tithes .jade xu about 87letters ,lilly about 11, and the list goes on silvester stallonne have about 30 tips of letters ,wesley about 30 ltters to include one of my black brothers just for some kind of protection ,it could have been sharman moore but he refuse or you guys refuse to talk to me on the phone cz you know lonng ago it will take a very very long memoire of such story and we are still not at the end of the road but it’s gettinng there the letter today 02 /18 /2020 that will leave in a few days or you get in a few days is a hundred or precisely a hundred pages in volume in case montgomery county police are filtering with my mails supreme court knows so does hwite house house of senate ,congress and hollywood although iam a fanatic of schosen actors and actresses theleadinng one mostly and my two famous entertainment musical records bad boy and deathrow or the aftermath records which my mind is strongly in california

  41. the volume of manuscript to hollywood wil be about 43 thousand pages long or in volume by now and it’s coming to an end so try and elope me out of these badluck that they have rub of me in the tri-states area and surburban may be a fresh start will give me a brand new good memories any new buildinng does not worth my satying i want to see more about america especially california they are feeding of my luck and it pathetic when their is nothing you can do and it keep goinng on and there is a president a jurisdinary system and they are using it against you for epoeple who came behind you to the states cz they are now married to a local county cop so don’t listen come with suge knight sharman moore and the aftermath and deatthwo leadinng artist for the small we are the more can go around and you and i have to have the lion share or shares cz we have to have our owe family and you ad i have extend families adipted and biological come asap if you think they are going to give you problem i recommend come with suge knight for he can read complicated games and sweet talk with invindictive mind small talks they when you guys have gonne the vicious circle keps going like an energizer .i need an automated respond from you to get me out of town you need to come with those guys for you are a woman so that you don’t get use interllectually and sexually for you will know they are using you and you might be too timid to speak uup especially warren buffet is looks like a gaint and can or might intimidate a whole lot of people tell the african obgyn to go fuck himself or jerk off and leave me to estabish my family he still does not get it that i have taste the untied states soil and i move sole =low that i ggain my owe experience and like they pack self-esteem inn him and his family in u.k. i expect america to do the same for me cz this is my forefather and mother land i don’t give are fuck ,whatever comes after they ask for it

  42. my freedom means a lot to me than the cash although now that i have work for it i am doing the dishing with the help of you ,you’ll be watch and studied for any foul play they think i have lot my head like a chicken head jerk off by a lion.i am not a fool i will grow to love you if you treat me right and don’t get carry away by negative influence the hygience part i am only temping it will all fall in place although it a real struggle to keep up now cz i might lose my life if you don’t inntervine with the help and support of my other celebrity friends or network now i am ready ready for action and mute or move fast and talk less but action not in this tri-states area i have had enough let them go build their slave meseum on somebody elses back i am not a slave i am only shy cz they poison my nda ,hormones or genelogy and you know the rest.i don’t expectt when the feelinng is mutual fromm female lover somebody else fucking her for me if that the case when you guys come to get me alone and some of you get fucked it rape cz that was not the originnal intention of you guys and they attack you at my stairwell and where have you seen a cop comes into it stoping potential or ideal relationship it cz of their owe insecurities

    1. this might be the ending bout i saw two teenage boys at briggs channey metrobus stop and when we went inside the bus one keeps given me a vicious eyes like he knows what i am coming to write then he block tthe enterance of the metrobus and when we booarded the bus started given me vicious eyes so i asked him what did i do to him and they came like they wanted to jump me and went to the building away from the libary this was on the metrobus # 708 time was 4:23 p.m. and today is the same date of the above earlier mail02/18/2020 then comes whay i am here i drink soda for food in the untied states of america most people don’t hav3 to be accepted in society cz they are manace to society read my lips

  43. i was tyelling you to contact trya medium,maria,christin ,miranda and angela mediums the they will and can break the chasin of oppression which i have witness the supernatural at work that attach itself too me ,a west african guy keeps knocking the computer off it suckett and shuttinng me down so it hard to retype what i have already done cz i pick the keys not formally but fast like a typist when they give me their rituals and tisman to wore or carry with me or as instructed i have witness like i said the supernatural at work no doubt about it that also why i am trying not to go too close to a caucasian or white woman although coming up as a brown skin male that what we cherish for we have been oppress and want the bet for our kids that we’ll nocture

  44. they also the mediums knows how to give me my freedom make wealth and good luck and happiness on metro bus 7072 going before returninng under the cold and darjk a 3yrs old boy touch my leggs few inches above my knutt and i told the bus cz i have been real to my african american brothda’s they have told me they hang people in jail for that

  45. this was ont6 he metrobus 7072 going towards silver spring,md 20910 time was 12;40 nooni mean the above aforemented incident. date is 02/18/2020 let them hang somebody else without a word from that person not me hollywood should have receive 800letters and 43 thousand pages of literature from to my fqavorite actors and actresses i am a fanatic off excerpt if montgomery county local cops have laid their hands in it or filter the mails or scrutinize the mails and it all facts the whole truth so help me god

  46. it the ending bout and i want witnesses to see over the internet and i can hear some of your colleagues from afar or away afar through the supernatural try to get these mediums phones number tyra ,maria ,christin,mrianda and angela mediums

  47. i will suggest get their phones number from your colleagues or my account you have it if you want secrecy from me or the public they i recommed contact them through phone you can google them up or use onne of the search engines rodney frazer might have fucked a couple so they refuse to get me out they know more about me than i know about myself for i was buried inside of these spirits atleast two of them as a toddler or ages 6yrs old get me to the carolina’s to i can seek help and observe myself that i am ready for california for healinng of paying attention to my suroundinngs and sexually so they don’t make problems for me when i start goinng around again heterosexually,i will observe myself and you can took i will know when i am ready for the street of california and control myself for the haters cz i won’t liek to sleep with every body just a handful andd i settle to raise kids and take care of you for life there is a place also i have been in the carolina’s that is designed like silicon valley of california they called it the east coast silicon valley and demi have a house whih we could buy ours near her in south carolina near ,military base i think the marines are in paris highand and i can hire a staff sergin to give me the navy seals trainninng i want

  48. i am not working for warren buffet ,i am working for my families ,entertainners ,street friends and maybe if it runth over i give him something that is provided he behave himself there is no food at the house ,i am drinking and eating macdonald’s mostlky soda as food and there is at list a hundred billion or rather trils dedicated on my behalf from the trils

  49. if you guy fromm hollywood don’t intervine as from now this very moment i could die from attacks or poor health or the vicious supernatural attacks or i die on the streets from set up by bad guys who envy me or lock me up or down from the cops and the viocious rumors and gossip is getting to me mental slavery physicallly ,intellectually ,morally that is to say my hygeince and they keeps influence-inng hollywood when they want to rescue me from the neighborhood that i have nothing to work with no benefits or resources and putting words in you ears ,influence-ing white house ,the supreme court ,the house of senate congress and the local law enforcement officers in the tri-states area

  50. and it surburbans the soup kitech guys the streets if that man that influenece you is warren buffet that broke into my apartment at nite seize my mail box and front door keys then he is an outlaw he got somme of the money i wanted to sacrify to some of you

  51. they got the indians from india watching me through the supernatural and you know who and mentally took that how they keeps shuttinng me down from memories and sezing my thoughts or intelligence with an arrest development crown which you won’t be able to see natrurally but i wore it spiritually ,i have witnes it remember or ask your colleagues andd it has reaveled itselfg to me from the natural to the supernatural and sunk into my soul wesley snipes knows how to remove it i think he learn’t from the west african or africans and i am partially blind to the natural they finally rub some type of oilment on me that attract pedify ,homosexual, and retarded spirits on me teh7y the two parties are indicating or want be to turn into a faggot which i refuse then cam e the pedify whcih is happening now and as you can see from the camera ‘s installed on the conputers or terminals and are infuluence-inng society and their international peers ,i saw sommebody like you i disguise and the old man again or nigerian might have influence you who does not know himself charles opara and i did not know if it you and want me to reveal your identity but he came bluffing me like his mother is all that and she is a mama a tribal w filthy womN AND PARKED HIS LEXUS TRUCK UNDER EATH MY BEDRORM WHICH IS PART OF THE SSTOLEN MONEY THAT WAS GOING INNTO MY MAIL BOX FOR HHE USED TO DRIIVE A BEATED UP ACCURA LEGEND A CLOSE TO `20YRS OLD


  53. i have about three pages of revelations and today is wednesday i have money for two packs of incense and i will give you the 411 of my one of my concluded revelations maybe tomorrow if i go home early enough to write and groom myself like i was saying yesterday the correct quotation is don’t bite the hands that feeds you all the streets cops all over the world have cruisers excerpt for africa not describe in those words but squad car specifically and they all around the world shares the same responsibilities in all worx of life a doctor in any partof the world and a judge in any part of the world or any other career or field of major shares the same responsibilities that standards excerpt for the injustices of the innocent of the unrightous setup that most goes on in america inflicted by the american cops some people have /has a persausive mouth or what the west africans or africans refers to as sweet mouth read my lips grand oni ferguson home and grandmire homes touches bases with each other i planted the plantain behind gandmire home seperating the two homes backyards but at the rear of the bowen -wright home and also the rear of grand oni’s ferguson’s homethat became the frazer”s home after they went to africa cz it was the only decent place to live in their’s and the bowen -wright family bill cosby vicious my game when he made themthought me how to play house as kids saying this is what they do to our kids in america when i was getting initiated and i was panic-ing cz the girl who played house was older than me and that was the first and last for me to panic then i started going around easily and get so hot that i walk the house topless then came warren buffet who asked that i plantt the plantain behind the yard my african grandma and i weren’t approve i frown my face and she said she does not want to adopt me then warren buffet says he is going to like you just give him a chance he is going to grow up and like you. i did not want to do it at that tender age but did not know the implications that it or they were cooking the african translation or preparing a big big conspiracy,i only had seek or sixth sense

  54. the montgomery county cops might be easying or scrutinize-ing or filtering my mails to you guys in hollywood or they have my u.sp.s postal service mail box and front doors keys that got mysteriously stolen from thehospital on the noiteof tonidrew or officer robert gomez visit i heard his voice and saw montgomery county cop a caucasian cop that when i had a strong seek or sixth senses silvester stallone was here and they had their meeting at the seneca ward of adventist hospital clinic in rockville ,md20850this november of 2018.the aparrtment they gave me is beated up no food ,milk or highly nutritions food excerpt a quarter of a bag of rice ,no benefit or benefits in a land of opportunity where it supposedly suppose to be in aboundants like the american quotation say land of opportunity but it seize opportunities when the frazer family got here and married a county cop the letter to hollywood should be running about 8000mails and over 43,000pages in volume and i have skipped four and half months of un-written literature of revelations form 2011 to 2020 right at this moment i am having revelation upon revelations tell the clocal departmental cops to schase drug dealers and muders and not to set up innocent guy like us cz of our big big dreams i have that much right in america if brrack obama can be the president and kofie hanna could be the united nations sectary general and hakim olajuwon or dekabay manhook bow can be a celebrity incuding nash jones i am a died hard western man with fore fathers and mothers who can sto p me you can make it difficult but i have that much right to contribute to the world.tell the cops not to wilfully set me up in a pedify or homosexual or retarded or rape or sexual harrassment cases it not up to them if a woman has the same feelinng for me and the feeling is mutual then game is on so long as i don’t violate the laws of america and the place of action there is some kind of privacy or privy

  55. certain law enforcement officer are to big for a cop in size or frame the military can use them as one of their personels so that america has the respect they deserve to the outside world that how the field master generals and major general suppose to look although not in all case cz some times we need intelligence for drawing board game plan some fights requires strategies the cops might be filtering my mail and scrutinizing them to you guys tell them i am a fanantic i have the right to like you excerpt you don’t want the love and i can move on to another person or actor or actreses i admire i believe when i sleep on one spot of my mattress now i have spiritual attacks like i am losing my life it close to the three stones christin medium gave me where i also had a voice saying this will take him home and a black cat or panther attach or re-attach itself too me and i felt the presence or shadow of a woman getting up from my nite stand it could be charles opara the nigeria mama when i am suppose to get a mummyma and dadthey have accerpt certain individual in white higher cociety and they became a manace to c=society in my personal life .the camera was turn backwards so when i realize it i turn around not in all cases sometimes i forget

  56. the mails to you guys is at 800 indivdual letters and over 43,000pages in volume and i know allthe actors and actresses i have contacted about twenty of you male and females and most of them have been here but have been run out of town by warren buffet and the montgomery county cops or local departmental cops and some of them might have had there shares of you know what and they have extended it to their families and in-laws the abuse keep going on like an energizer

  57. FIRSTLY I CAUGHT TWO CRUISERS AND ONE PRIVATE VECHILE STAKING MY MAIL BOOX OUT YESTERDAY AND THEY WERE ALL COUNTY COPS .THE NEXT THING I WANT TO MENTIONED QUIET MY AFRICAN SO-CALLED PEERS BY REMOVING OR EXTRACTING THEIRTWO UPPER AND LOWER FRONT TOOTH FOR THEY KEEPING STEALING MY POTENTIAL WIVES AND LET THEM STICK DICK ONCE ON A FAGGOT AND A COP TO STICK DICK THREE TIMES ON THEM CZ THAT JUST THE START OF THEIR PUNISHMENT CZ WARREN BUFFET AND OFFICER TONI DREW/ROBERT GOMEZ DID IT TO ME THAT GOES FOR ALL THE ABUSE THE HOMELES ,SOUP KITCHEN AND HALF -WAY HOUSE CROWD ,THERE WON’T BE ANY HANGIN BUT INFLICT EVERY LAST WAY THEY PUNISH ME BACK ON THEM . and keep them celebate for 20yrs and restrict their movement in a 15 miles radius and a one bedroom apartment and let me keeping fucking their most pressure financy.and get the police or local cops to harrass them cz they stole my royalties and are feeding off it and my goodluck that the only way i don’t think they should be murder plus that will completely wipe of the smile and braggaboast attitue from their face and mouth

  58. like i told you i have over 25 cousins and friends who are software developers and engineers in america studied in u.k. germany and untied states but they are all working here in america now and they went to caucasian elite schools female as well as males .the hairstylist and beer and wine stores did not have the meera khush or kush incense that give me the rest of my memories so my memories have been halted for now .i did not get much yesterday they are only slowing it down i mean the conclusion or result of reminants or recaps of my memories ,if been a faggot that what it takes to be a ceo of an IT company then i rather be an actor or elope or migrate to another caucasian country to find a wife after we split of course the equuity ,incentive or dividend of the harvest at the same time i don’t expect as a billionaire or tril any body to find me a wife not even in my poorest state cz she will be a low -lifer and i have very high standards for my kids every different race of celebrities i tried to befriend with have been surrounded with faggot or whom they suppect i try to contact and befriend withincluding silvester stallone ,jamime alex,sarah silverman ,you ,jade xu ,lucy liu,liiy and prihanka

  59. tell bill gate’s and warren buffet after i have meet you guys and we have hang out or i have hang out with my favorite celebrities we staying cz you know where my destination lies and he knows instead he went to turn me into a laughing stock to you guys i am not looking forward to work for him i work for my families ,entertainment ,street friends and if it runneth over i give him what i think he deserves prvided he behave himself the kind of attitude he has does not require respect from me and i have the support of my entertaining friend whitehouse ,the supreme court ,the cia ,the fbi and the military whom i could have been a veteran of five branches and the airforce have contacted me and i let it beknown to them the suitation and wher ,who and how this attack started or originate from that what the african obgyn does not know so does warren buffet his vicious circle of attacks and rumors can only turn this thing fatal.hollywood knows so does the whole of california and washington d.c. meteropolitan and surburbans.i am a man in most case or 90% of cases i mean what i say there will be no homosexuality it not in my blood nevermind i got attack and it tkeep going like an energizer battery oor duracell all the pedify got to come to an end

  60. there won’t be a tyra banks wedding if you don’t accerpt i have told you i found a better pussy on the street almost i high valued like you no emilia renner wedding also ,if you choose me then i don’t want no house calls from faggot only real black and white males friends but decent and if you insist on faggot then my killer friend like deathrow ,the aftermath and badboy got to be katter ffor so they teach me how to chestize your faggopt counterparts qwho m i can stand to look at cz they make me puke or vomit the cats family i can’t tolerant either not in the same way for they are demonic ,yopu want a real husband then they got to go then you are my queen or princess cz you and i like i will protect you got to protect my ass ,if you agree to this small proposal then we’ve got a marriage or i will come and know california give you guys your shares then go find my wife in another caucasian country and return home away from home to the peditentary they built for me in afrixca ,like ii told you down load the trils and you and i are going to contact them through what i told you the 130 trils after the wedding with you and i hollywood peers ,i send my african families and peers their shares too the east coast or maryland i have a list of them but for those who hurt me do all what they did to me remove first two of their upper and lower teeth that is to erase their smile for braggaboasting and their humiliated talks they block it maybe the cops are here

  61. my pain was willfully inflicted that goes for my african mum and brother i have told you how he died and caucasain have that in the families or is very popular among you race and for the caca or shit every body takes one sorry to ssay i am not indicating it to you but warren buffet

  62. i place best the afircan obgyn family who does not want to accerpt the laws of the united states and the internet violation policy place bet tell him he can’t intimidate me he is selling you guys to me that you are cheap

  63. if they tel you we bet or had a game there was no game they set me up like a nigeria guy told me to be a lose for the love of saying the greatest comedian.the hypnotism me and used annestic on my brain for eyars and also came back and shutt me down in maryland again with drugs i mean pharmaecitical drugs and shorts

  64. i was expecting you yesterday instead i saw the doctor’s wife with the present of somebody like warren buffet and maybe you in my bedroom observing me as i sleep walk or work i mean this past nite of this current day which is 02/21/2020

  65. i saw two montgomery county police cruiser right here at the intersection of georgia and arcola avenue in wheaton mary at the address 11701 georgia avenue criss crossing like a crucifixion both staying at the right crissy cross lane while i cross the street to get into the building

  66. i went home and burn ‘t an incense it’s friday islamic holy day and below is the revelations i got at the library earlier the same man who sit behind me butt hanging lose to butt hanging lose the 60s or 70s faggot came and sat by my side after a montgomery county homosexual male cop came and walk up to me from the opposite direction stood in front of me then went the same direction he came from that was round 10:30 a.m. to 12:00noon at the wheaton library bathroom doorway in plain clothes i know and we all know their persona knutt face-ing knutt that was before the 60-7-s old faggot sat beside me on terminal #10 and i was at terminal #9 .the cop was in his 40s .the other day this week when i heard a cat cried twice something left my bedroom or mattress left side and went towards the balcony doors and i heard a strange noise near the front door and stairwell the includes the balcony door it looks like evil spirit or felt like evil spirit and i heard like it exited the building if you don’t listen to me about your homosexual caucasian friends i don’t mean you straight caucasian peers and try not to show too much flesh at you website or nuddy self i don’t mean you past or history there ‘ll be no wedding and if you do what i say i take up your name as married last name to show you i like what i see and you mannerizism and person that is provided you want the wedding plan to go onyou diss your faggot friends in other words i don’t want them near our future kids and get rid of the domestic cats and wild cats that might be the only wedding and i need cleanse-ing spiritually we can hire one of my mediums they have a way to give spiritual bath and there are roots to clean or cleanse you gut or internal organs and bood stream or our body and soul they called them herbs or roots from trre or the back of trees or stems cz i don’t want any curses ,hexes or voodoo or generation or genetical curses or our kids the only un-comfortable thing you might have to face is it is bitter to swallow or drink not in all cases but in most,i also mean you can keep your caucasian straight friends and sharman moore as you friend if you don’t want to abide by this small request or requirement of the above statement then there’ll be no wedding .i move to your next runners up and it a local female that i haven’t talk to but is just as striking as you with the same class ,pinash and equetitte there be no one else ithe rest of them is to macho my spirits then settle for life with you if you disgree that the ending bout and i don’t want rodney frazer to lay a foundation on you cz he might want my money or set me up.this was the decisive moment hillary clinton was talking about now that i gather her innuedo or riddles .i don’t care about you past record just adjust and change on you future husband behalf remove all of your nude or nuddy self on line after the wedding cz i have international peers and there are things you got to leave for your husband international peer or connection in different culture don’t have to see what you husband cherry and don’t let sarah teach you to mistreat me we’ve all be mistreated before and coming from a close person that close as a wife is painful like you don’t respect you spouse if disgree to this pre-nop i move on to another person that’s the ending bout plus like i said i don’t want to see around or near rodney frazer he had let it beknown that i am his enemy for no reason and i have declare the same and has passes it to his kids my adopted niece and nephews second cousins .i am trying to lay my foundations and he is jeopardizing it .this is the ending bout and mind what you show at you website don’t show too much flesh,that one of the ways you could be eliminated .the county cops might be blocking your message cz his son in-law is one

  67. i said your faggot friends whom i can’t stand this african obgyn don’t think he can run with problem with the law for his son in-law is a local county cop he is fucking my spellings ,grammar mixing spellings ,doubling lettters ,putting you where i mean’t your or your’s his love for money together with his families and in-laws will bring him to his down fall and if the abuse goes i contact the supreme court and fbi again through phone this require their attention and the six military branches attention

  68. whether i am ennis h.cosby or frank e.johnson ,i have chosen you as wife that is provided you abide by my pre-nop get me out of this town for good i have told him how he exchange my financy with his son,nephew and in-law including the law enforcement offiicers ,i know everything will spill out iin court withthe media present and when said i am afraid to meet you i don’t mean literally i mean i am afraid of the supernatural perhaps it a curse,hexes or voodoo and the spells other than that you’ll only bee eliminated if you don’t abide or violate what i requested in my last mail like fucking rodney frazer before me alex kanu teeth wil be taken out to silience and wipe away his smile and braggaboasted attitude for a tribal cruded african can’t braggaboast to me with a reaction

  69. tyhey should get officer tni drew/robert gomez to struck a dick twice in alex or the seiraa leonean guy butt cz i am talking to you to civilize it and warren does it once and get them to do it under satelite once and get them to inpregnate a squork or two and depreive them in all aspect of life restrict there movement in a 10 miles radius get the county cops to try to set them up in every negative way they have done to me and that goes for every dirty trick like james hardley chase says dirty cop or street cops do in america.the doctor might have place oo you don’t control my life it time i get married go run your owe life or you relatives or in-laws

  70. do all the tricks the dirty cop or street cops did to me and threat to my african so-called friends then i feel equal or i will feel like they are now americans and can date you guys tell lilly i know her boyfriend cz she is talking about stocking and i know more than she thinks about you all.if you don’t want the marriage that fine you want it you got it but you have to bare with their punishment cz i don’t believe in hanging my owe brothers but they deserve that much punish and all what they did to me .if they want i make a list of them and watch while they are been inflicted to see the horror on their faces

  71. to day ‘s date is 02/25/2020 comming in here outside the parking lot i asked a county van driver who looks like a cop for a smaoke and he almostt went racist on me after seeing a cruiser going down the street,the county librarian van driver looks like a county cop

  72. yesterday 02/23/2020,i am at the columbia ,library,near olney ,md and her4e is all what i went through my so-called families and african peers so afflict them the same way

  73. finally i want rodney frazer to be a victim ofall these war crimes andmy friends that he made into his first by impregnate juliet ayo williams once johnson,give them a high profile and driveless, that what i do as my owe hanging and been friends again ,one or two of thier relatives should be county local cop or prison supretendent,give them only one chance in life and batter them every step of the way or in every progreeg they try to make no spontaneous event period martial art or gym or military traininng ,no college or university ,confused them for decades put them on a mental slavery,then send faggot and kids behind them and shut up them when they want to make a contirbution in conversations

  74. remove them from a book smart crowd into a the crimnal mind or thieves gangthat goes for cl first and close or cousins period or adopted ,send all their poor relatives ,i mean the ugly and brown behind them to embarrass them and ask their proud families to leave their respectable jobs in corparate afrca and come and live in the states as an oilpoilio individuals watchtheir block or bolcks whenthey want to make an america male or female friends i mean tell the cops and warren buffet and get enighbors to fuck their admirers and steal all their babies,finally blind them with a blackcatwith a hidden one buried inside their soul with bird snakes and all other aforementioned animals and spirit i told you before faggot their food by literally poison them orally their drinks and food ,let alex kanu father he claimed is a ceo whom i can handle tougher major than be a serial killer .this is my owe form of hanging them or their game bust into their homes by seizing their front and mail boix keys and their internet account or email address when they feel for a beautiful woman let they have an imaginary version in other words masturbate these were revelation i wrote or drafted down for you saturday the 22nd of february ,2020time was 4:27p.m. and it was a 7dy adventist holy and sabbath day

  75. blackmail them to women and asked homosexuals c montgomery county cop to strip search them with his knutt hanging lose to their behind ,rub an oilment on their skin to attract homosexual ,pedify ,old people spirit or negative spirit period the literally physically posiosn them with homosexual human spirit and a homosexual cat spirit cz waht happened to me recently withthe black cat is they say that honmosexual started or was discovered ,give them lose bowels and urinal system,shut down bathroom on them and let the cops blackmail them to america women including asking a them to penetrate into a faggot under satelite ,ground them in a 10 miles radius ,boom them till they lose their cleaniness and smelllet them boom for money and lose their working enthics i mmean their strength of been a workalllic ,let the local county cops and departmental cops harrass them when they

  76. pursue them inn public restroom with squad team in bullet proof vest or jacket,buried them in decease soldier ,old man or old demonic man tribal witch andaucasian faggot and all animal spirits.tell them with action not to be sommebody or their owe forms of caucasian women should be hispanics,tell them to have at least three stolen babies by west african tribal women.that currently lives in the united states or migrated ,seize financial blessings or resources dedicated or assign to them and all american opportunitiy ,passport or their nigeria and sierra leonean passport,set them up with tribal beast face and cock strong gorrella frame body who do not want to take no for an answer and watch them so that they don’t runnaway ask them to live 2 and 1/2 block away from a police station and funneral home surrounding them on a 7miles radius with 7 or 8 burial ground ,finally bring their relatives to the states who are the type they are not proud off to humiliate them

  77. remove all their upper and lower teeth cz at first i said two upper and two lower but you’ll hear after i fnish the last page and take a break the other half of the story.let them live a celebate life for 2decades i make it easier on them ,keep them on one curse meal a day just enough for them to stay alive ,fuck alltheir pressure girlfriend or future wives give them 20 un-wanted babies and to impregnate two squnks find them un-attractive women when they are insisting on a fine women irrespective of most of their immmediate families atrributes snatch al their love interest on a womman away boom them and keep them on homeless crowd ,soupkitchen mhalf way houses ,general homeless population,use annestic and hypnotism them tel officer toni drew /robert gomez to penetrate in their behind twice and warren buffet once and finally ask they to penetrate into a faggot like i said no american spontaneous events

  78. 02/22/2020time for this revelation was 11:17pm.shristian j .smith in the prsence of mr hguhes my first high school that i went to history teacher ,i asked him after written my brains out in history why did he gave me 77% cz to mme i wrote all his facts he told me cz i did not write word for word in otherwords i did not give a 100% memory recount that around the time of christian telling me to rboke the news about camille cosby and i recalled or started having a memory recaps i told him i remember not in the exact word but i have and idea of the event or epistle,on this same past weekend of these revealtion i dream’t i saw alric thomas and thomas sawyer at friendship height near microsoft and whe n he point up toward the metro station i saw a metrobus pull out of glenmont station into the wrong in front of 7eleven in wheaton he then stop and i woke up this was ina vision or trance taking place as it happened at the same moment ,they were rodney frazer neighborhood child hood friends.i was heading for the station and the cemetary in glenmont station leaving friendship height station

  79. 02/23.2020 at precisely 11:31p.m. after seeing 2police cruiser at 7eleven in white oak yesterday afternoon and witness officer toni drew /robert gomez driving up stewart lane to the police station i saw about 2 0r 3 dozens sanke leaving an apartment complex front door tha6t al includes after kidnapping soda from popeyes resturant and it was all african snake with one cobra ,i tryied to jump ,run on fly i only had pwer enough to hoove over the ground i had lsot all my powers after drinking the soda and seeing the snake from the malian /guinean on duty

  80. i wanted to fly but coundn’t officer tonidrew /robert gomez was driving an undercover cuiser pink the were of african families and just only one cobra the snakes i saw yesterday were the same type i saw at uncle dero’s families yard parkinglot and the frazer compound pnish my african peers and cousins als owith critics you’ lll get a list of their name later i mean hollywood like i said applying these punishment is my owe forms of hanging for violating my universal freedom of declaration acts ,humane ,my american civil right

  81. ,i heard from the spirit or revelation my african dad has laid hands on my moneyasgined to me or sarah took it to him astronuts found fossils inn space reveal the evidence of aliens .uncle bernard frazer told me when i had m,y first break down that was the end of aunties business but came back in 20119-2020attackign me like i owed him money.mohamed gregara told me one of his tribal friends in germany took asome kind of pharmacistical or narcotic drug only once and was never normal againon the nite of the blackvcat last week or the week before or panther when it re-attached to me i heard a voice like the old man saying this will take him home before it came like it was sodomizeinng me and attack like that after saying three word or demonic word like and alien language or phrase at three different intervals when i tried to runaway it inisited and a re-attached with a sound liek a lover talking to to her lover then i saw a glimse of a woman i can’t identify from the corner of myeyes then i immediately went to sleep till the next morning they have seize all library phones in allthe locations ,at walgreene yesterday saturday the 22nd of february,2020a tribal chic wanted to sell newport 1005 to me when i wanted sshort that is for the above 50s and at wheaton library in 11071 georgia avenue where there was a surveillance camera a toothless faggot wanted to make me friend i ignored him he offer me his cigarette and i turned it downhe was coming from where the cruiser parked last week

  82. i turn the faggot offers down and he disappeared and reappeared again then went opposite the road where there some houses at rcola and georgia avenue this was a setup by alex kanu and maybe toni /robert,billbritt the armway or quixstar ceo or thte families that’s owes orlando magic basketball team ceo had a semina in caronia that how i know about the silicon valley of carolina` and for the marines coorp i have ex-marine corps friends american as well as sierra leonean peers who were drafted or enlisted ,there were families diabtribe in the upper part of majay town about the badluck they rub on me or the thorpe’s and frazer’s attack in freetown sierra leone meaning land of freed slaves

  83. mohamed turay connell lasana turay son came here about four or six months ago and iu found myself with him at the dead deer spot near the funeral home at new hampshire avenue close to the library he lives in new england then found myself magiccall back indoors

  84. that goes for new york ron i saw getting out of officer tonnidrew /robert gomez cruiser one of my soup kitchen peer or american acquantancies or associate it was a conspiracy of the faggot epistle and the young tribal woman at wlagreen and the faggot at wheaton library.they want to turn me into to a faggot and used me as their cash cow and i said over my dead body or i fuck a lower class woamn again not in my sleep

  85. yesterday monday the 02/24/2020.i saw a cruiser going towards buttonsville while i waited for the county library to opened then a library utility van came and parked with his trunk or butt towards the street of main road of the library ina crucifixion sign of the cruiser h,it could be toni /robert driving it ,the utility vechile was driven bya a caucasian male who looks like a cop now after gathering my thoughts and sleeping over it i went twice .once to asked him for single stick of cig and the other to asked him the time both times he made as if he can’t reach the passanger side of the window and when i went to talk to him ex[posing myself to the parking lot he hung his knutt both times over me by standing upwith his butt to the min road including the vechile and acted obnoxiously this was at the columbia library where i don’t think there is a camera outside ,i had a vision of w.buffet with three women busted me and the next was with you and three of my so-called peers get ready for a 20pages revelation which is about 14pages now.tell the county cops or officer toni drew/robert gomez before they get too greed there were celebrities and actresses in the house at 23 bathurst street since two or three decades before they turn up so it not there money when i am dishinng out i tell who got who according the roll they play and toni is family now so he get just enough i don’t appreciate these kind of wy of find my living this si a disrespectgful way of life to live i will have appreciate been a refie actor making one of to bills and with respect you are too dump for me i mean your people the americans way of life

  86. those ways are sickilnying and a cruelty way to live and find money.i dod not want it like that though it too late now ,what god does this person believe or in what god does this individual believes

  87. at 1:00 -1:10p.m. i saw a cop leaving the library at 12:30 epistle that just happened was a caucasian cop and the one i am now relaying is a lite skin cop at people enecouraging people whom for the second time is picking on me and talking about clerkxsburg jail cz i asked a fellow sierra leonean for single cig we all do that emily who are smokers and at rockville ,md 20850 station just now another cop who walked up side down but caucasian boarded the bus with me nevermind he has a cruiser so i auntomatedly report i don’t need then for the one picking on me at people encouraging people .inc keeps coming back and brottney their casemanager looks and carry herself like a cop.he had a jacket at rockville station iindicatiing at the back polizer and he had once set me up to commit pedify

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