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Welcome to Emily VanCamp Fan - one of the web's largest and most up-to-date fan sites dedicated to actress Emily VanCamp! You may know Emily from her work on the TV series "Everwood", "Brothers and Sisters" or the hit ABC drama "Revenge". We feature the latest news and information, nearly 60,000 photos, videos, media and more! Proudly paparazzi free, we're celebrating 6 years Online!
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1 Comment on “Gallery Update: The Resident Captures and Episode Stills

  1. With her professional fires put out, she shut her laptop with a satisfied thump, grabbed a hat and sunscreen, and left the hotel. She walked around Mountain Village a bit and was suitably impressed with the style and elegance of the resort town. However, she didn’t feel quite at home until she took the gondola down into Telluride and wandered up and down the streets, reading historical markers and inspecting the shops, comparing them to those in another small, historic mining town near and dear to her heart. Eternity Springs might not have a gondola and ski runs, but the bakery, handmade soap shop, and Christmas store could definitely hold their own against these. People came from all over the country to shop at Vista’s art gallery and Whimsies glass studio, and her mother’s Yellow Kitchen was the best five-star restaurant in Colorado.

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