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Welcome to Emily VanCamp Fan - one of the web's largest and most up-to-date fan sites dedicated to actress Emily VanCamp! You may know Emily from her work on the TV series "Everwood", "Brothers and Sisters" or the hit ABC drama "Revenge". We feature the latest news and information, nearly 60,000 photos, videos, media and more! Proudly paparazzi free, we're celebrating 6 years Online!
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Emily Van Camp and Gabriel Mann chat with's Laura Saltman about "Revenge" Season 3. Why is the show getting back to basics? Plus, what will be revealed this season? And, how would Emily like to see it all...

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Revenge 2x20 "Engagement" - Emily plots her next move in her new role as Daniel's fiancée, while Aiden struggles with the re-engagement. Meanwhile, Jack learns more than he bargained for, and desperate times call for desperate measures as Conrad's...